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Pink shirt – 155 €
High boots – 80 €
pantalon à plis marrons Maurice Style vintage
Brown pleated pants – 43 €
Leather loafers – 62€
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Pull à col roulé en laine et cachemire – 172 €
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Pull en maille épaisse – 182€
Polo oversize – 185€
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Jacket – 200€
trench coat burberry influencer strasbourg blog mode homme
Trench coat – 72€
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Leather jacket ‘Teddy’ – 622€
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Chemise rayée – 93€
Eau de parfum Boss Bottled – 48€
sneakers Calvin Klein Maya Maurice Style blog mode homme
Blue and white sneakers – 120€
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Wool cardigan – 112€
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Manteau en laine pied de poule – 272€
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Blouson en jean – 159€